2018 Summer Youth Program Audition Materials


Materials for callbacks

Below are links to PDF files with sides and songs to be used at callbacks. Click on the character names below to open the PDFs to print or review on your computer/device.

 Please note, you may not be asked to perform all of the material for the character listed, and may be asked to perform material that is not listed here.  Also, know that hard copies of these materials will be available at the callbacks as needed. Thank you, and break a leg!


James - Song

Lahdalord - Song

Spiker & Sponge - Song

James & Lahdalord - Scene

Spiker & Sponge - Scene

Creatures - Scene

How to Succeed In BUsiness WIthout Really Trying

Finch - Song

Rosemary - Song

Bud Frump - Song

Smitty - Song

Hedy & Biggley - Song

Miss Jones - Song

Bratt & Others - Song

Finch & Rosemary - Scene

Hedy & Biggley  - Scene

Smitty & Rosemary - Scene

Bratt, Biggley & Finch - Scene